Doug and Nicole Warner here-
The two of us began shooting Weddings a few months after our very own wedding. We never planned on becoming wedding photographers but we really enjoyed the whole atmosphere of a wedding and being able to capture such a special day for folks was so rewarding and thus began Warner Photography.

Nicole's Story
When I was a kid we had lot's of animals. We had cat's and dog's of course but we also were lucky enough to have goats, pot bellied pigs, sheep, chickens, rabbits, a duck, some mice, a rat and a horse. I had the desire to take pictures of all of these creatures and so for my 12th birthday my best bud gave me a L.A. Brites Vivitar camera which took 110 film. Once I got that camera I was hooked on shooting photos. Mostly of my animals at the time. Then I graduated into taking pictures of people. My sisters, girlfriends and I would take what we called, "Memory Pictures". We would dress up in wacky outfits and wigs and go out into the weeds on my folks property or hop onto a broken dirt bike and pose. My Vivitar finally seen its last day and my Sophmore year in high school I received a Nikon Fun Touch point and shoot 35mm camera for Christmas from my grandparents. I was so excited! The photo shoots out in the sticks continued. My camera came with me everywhere. Then after I graduated high school I bought myself my first 35mm camera with a zoom lens which was my Nikon N65. That's the camera that my husband and I shot our first wedding with. By the next year digital had really began to take over the market and so I had to roll with the changes. I did not want to leave 35mm behind and move into the digital age but everything was going in that direction. Waaaahhhhh!!!! What!?!?! So I had no choice but to enter into these uncharted waters. My husband and I paid out a hefty sum for our new Nikon D200. This camera had so many new buttons and functions and features I was overwhelmed and disenchanted. Film is how I began but digital is what I use now. My husband and I recently upgraded to our Nikon D800 which is a beautiful beast, capturing all of our memories and others as well. Our portfolio is growing just as our family did. We have two little boys, Rocco and Toby who we took way too many photos of when they were babies it is overwhelming. So for a few years they were our only subjects but now that they are a little bigger and my Rocco will be in Kindergarten, I have a more time to venture out and capture your memories.